Home / Sick weaves together elements of the love and hatred I feel towards my home, marked by my anger about the political landscape and ongoing tensions in Northern Ireland, along with desensitisation to violent events.​​​​​​​
By returning to my images with multiple, often destructive, interventions, I attempt to process the complicated relationship I have with the council estate where I grew up, and still live, in Northern Ireland. Despite spending my whole life there, I am an outsider failing to fit in with the sectarian attitudes and normative behaviours expected of me.
The use of an obsolete and broken camera that holds sentimental value creates an unpredictability and lack of control to mirror the constant bombardment of political signs and acts of violence in a place that should be comforting and safe. I want the work to feel ugly, dirty and imperfect. Pairing intimate family pictures with considered interventions I try to regain a sense of control over my memories from this place.


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